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Madison - Dane County Regional Airport Flight Training

Grand Opening is October 1, 2023, at the Dane County Regional Airport, Madison, WI

Cessna 172 all Glass Technically Advanced, 100% IFR equipped, aircraft for Madison area Flight Training and Aircraft Rental.

Great aircraft rates at $172 per hour or prepay a block of 10 hours for $1620 if renting only or $1520 for a block of 10 hours if actively taking flight training lessons. Flight instruction is $75/hour or $650 for a block of 10 hours of instruction.

Our Madison area Flight School provides flight training for beginning Private Pilot Students to advanced Certified Flight Instructors and Instrument Students. Our Commercial Flight Training course is geared toward students that want to make flying a career. To be paid for your piloting services, you must be a certified commercial pilot certificate holder.

We also offer flight instruction in YOUR privately owned aircraft, Bi-annual Flight Reviews, Instrument proficiency Checkout, Foreflight iPad training, ATC-Radio Communications Training, and Safety Pilot ride along at $60 per hour or a block of 10 hours for $500.

Periodically, we offer 40-hour ground school courses for Private $355 and Instrument $399 certificate and rating, respectively. Classes are limited to 4 minimum and 8 maximum. Contact us for dates, times, and locations.

This includes being employed as a certified flight instructor, banner towing pilot, airline pilot, air taxi charter pilot, aircraft sales delivery pilot, power company electrical and gas pipeline survey pilot, glider towing pilot, skydiving pilot, private corporate pilot, and local guided tour pilot. Any pilot position that is being paid for their services must hold a standard single-engine land or multi-engine land airplane commercial certificate.

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