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Pilots in Aircraft

Instrument Flight Rating

Weather to fly or not to fly? That is the question. Weather tis nobler to get an Instrument Flight Rating or remain on the ground with a Visual Flight Rules ticket? 
Stark-Fleet Academy is here to help you decide if an IFR ticket will broaden your horizons!

Cessna 172 Glass TAA Available

Flight Instructor Certificate

You have your private, commercial and IFR ratings and certificates. Now its time to really spin your prop and transition to the next phase of your flying career!  Instructing others what you already know! Be the professional Certified Flight Instructor in Single and Multi Engine aircraft as well as an Instructor teaching IFR ratings to eager students!

Glass Panel TAA Available

Private Pilot Certificate

Our Private Pilot Certificate has been a great fit for many of our students in the past. If this is what you’re looking for, make sure to sign up today. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more.

ATC - Pilot Communications Training
NEW *** Air Traffic Control - Pilot Communications Training Program ***
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